NBMiner - Changelog

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A changelog is a log or record of all notable changes made to a project. nbminer



  • fix: ethash v40.0 false detected as LHR lock under lastest Nvidia driver versions.
  • feature: supports future LHR GPU models.


  • feature: Add overclock options for Nvidia GPUs, require admin priviledge, accept comma seprated list to specify for each GPU.

    • -power-limit, -pl: Set power limitation of GPU. Examples:

      ​ Set PL in watts: -pl 200

      ​ Set PL in percentage of default PowerLimit: -pl 75% (in Windows bat file, need dual % , -pl 75%%)

    • -cclock: Set core clock in MHz. Examples:

      ​ Set clock offsets: -cclock 100 (Windows only)

      ​ Set locked clocks: -cclock @1500

    • -mclock: Set memory clock offsets in MHz (Windows only)

    • -lock-cv: Set locked core voltage of GPU in mV, support Turing and newer GPUs. (Windows only)

    • -fan: Set fan speed in percentage of GPU. (Windows only)

  • feature: Display current LHR value in console summary table and web monitor.

  • feature: -proxy options now support username & password for SOCKS5 proxy. format: -proxy user:[email protected]:port

  • feature: Web monitor changes, delete unused information for dual mining.

  • feature: new options for log control.

    • -log-no-job: Turn off the New job line in console.
    • -log-cycle: Set to change the cycle of Summary table show in console and log, in seconds, defaults to 30.
  • fix: ethash Change CPU share validation to independent thread, lower performance degradation when mining at very low difficulty pools.

  • fix: LHR lock detected failure on some cases.


  • feature: LHR mode support new GA104 version of 3060
  • feature: ethash Turn on LHR mode by default for 3060 v1, disabled by default only on windows 470.05
  • fix: ethash Fail to detect LHR lock on certain situation.
  • fix: Nvidia GPU power consumption issue on certain rig config.
  • delete: support for sero.


  • optimize:ethash LHR mode significant improvement:
    • higher hashrate, more stable LHR unlocking for both -lhr-mode 1 and -lhr-mode 2
    • default LHR mode changes to -lhr-mode 1 for LHR GPUs
    • default values of LHR mode increased, -lhr-mode 1 -> 74, -lhr-mode 2 -> 71
    • added 3 new options for LHR auto-tuning control, at most cases you don’t need to change:
      • -lhr-reduce-value: the amount to reduce -lhr value on a single -lhr tuning. defaults to 0.5.
      • -lhr-reduce-time: When LHR lock is detected, and the time since the last lock exceeds this value, the -lhr reduce will not perform. defaults to 15, which means 15 minutes.
      • -lhr-reduce-limit: the maximum number of times to reduce -lhr value, defaults to 6.
    • Typical hashrate: 3060Ti LHR on defaults options, 45.5 MH/s @ mem+1200 (win10)
  • feature: ergo also adapts the 3 new LHR options.
  • feature: add -cmd-output option to specify command line outpu to stdout or stderr, 1=stdout, 2=stderr, defaults to 2.
  • feature: disable SNI extension for ssl connections by default, can be enabled with -enable-sni option
  • delete: cuckatoo & cuckatoo32 support


  • feature: ergo new LHR mode for mining ERGO, enable it by manually adding -lhr option
    • Same as LHR mode in ethash, -lhr value represents expected hashrate to reach value percent of non-LHR GPU’s hashrate, supports comma-seperated list to indicate -lhr value for each GPU, and -lhr -1 to disable.
    • For GPUs with Hynix GDDR6 memory, LHR mode is not recommended for the poor performance.
    • For GPUs with non-Hynix GDDR6 memory, e.g. 3060 3060ti 3070, start trying with -lhr 85
    • For GPUs with GDDR6X memory, e.g. 3070ti 3080 3080ti, start trying with -lhr 100
    • When mining lock is detected during ERGO mining, miner will automatically decrease -lhr value by 0.5, and continue mining. max decrease times is 10, which sums to 5.0
  • optimize: ergo Lower power consumption on Nvidia GPUs.


  • fix: octopus Fix error hash issue.


  • feature: ethash new low power LHR mode, add -lhr-mode option.
    • -lhr-mode 2 is the default LHR mode, which is the new lower power mode.
    • -lhr-mode 1 changes LHR mode to old version, which is the same as v39.2
    • -lhr-mode 1 is suitable for only power limit bounded GPU, can achieve higher hashrate than mode 2
    • -lhr-mode 2 is able to achieve lower average power and temperature. espacially suitable for GPUs with gddr6x e.g.3070ti, 3080, 3080ti. Power consumtion is fluctuating in this mode, better be used with locked core clock.
  • feature: -lhr support decimal value
  • feature: for LHR GPUs, when mining lock is detected, miner will automatically decrease -lhr value by 0.1, and continue mining. max decrease times is 10, which sums to 1.0
  • fix: higher CPU usage when set --share-check 0


  • feature: ethash added LHR lock detection and recovery in LHR mode.
  • feature: added memory temperature display (if available) for Nvidia and AMD GPU under windows.
  • fix: ergo more robust protocol handle.

Note: LHR mode requires NVML library to work, please make sure the driver is installed properly and do not add -no-health argument.


  • optimize: ethash improve hashrate of LHR mode 1 - 2%,default value of -lhrchanges from 68 to 69,manually set to 70 is also very promising.
  • fix: LHR mode support on windows driver 471.11
  • fix: kawpow issue of v39.0
  • fix: Radeon vii issue on windows driver 21.6.1+


  • feature: ethash New LHR mode for ETH mining on RTX 30 series LHR GPUs, supports Windows & Linux, able to get ~70% of maximum unlocked hashrate.
    • This mode can be tuned by argument -lhr, only works for ethash right now.
    • -lhr default to 0, meaning even if -lhr is not set, LHR mode with -lhr 68 will be applied to LHR GPUs if certain GPUs are detected.
    • Tune LHR mode by setting -lhr <value>, a specific value will tell miner try to reach value percent of maximum unlocker hashrate, e.g. -lhr 68 will expect to get 68% of hashrate for same model non-LHR GPU.
    • Higher -lhr value will results in higher hashrate, but has higher possibility to run into lock state, which will leads to much less hashrate.
    • A good start tuning value is 68, which has been tested to be stable on most rig configurations.
    • -lhr value can be set for each GPU by using comma separeted list, -lhr 65,68,0,-1, where -1 means turn off LHR mode.


  • fix: AMD kernel error on certain GPUs with 21.6.1+ drivers under windows.


  • fix: high CPU usage in v38.0


  • feature: ergo add mining.extranonce.subscribe support.
  • fix: eliminate memory leak by NVML library for Nvidia driver 460+ on windows.
  • fix: --enable-dag-cache causes crash on certain situation.


  • fix: ethash --enable-dag-cache cause crash on AMD GPUs when switch DAG file.
  • fix: ergo support on AMD Vega GPUs.


changes from 37.3

  • new algo: ergo for AMD GPU, can be faster with ETH mining timings
  • optimize: ergo slightly improce hashrate on Nvidia GPUs
  • feature: use --temperature-limit & --temperature-start to protect GPU from overheat, detail in readme.md


  • feature: add option --enable-dag-cache to allow an extra DAG for different epoch cached in GPU memory, useful for ETH+ZIL mining and mining on NiceHash.


  • feature: add option -p -p1 -p2 for setting password of mining pool, old format -u wallet.worker:passwd is disabled,: can be added as part of worker or wallet
  • optimize: ethash minor hashrate improvement on RDNA GPUs
  • fix: compatibility issue on lasted AMD 21.4.1 driver.


  • fix: ergo high reject ratio on 10 series Nvidia GPUs
  • fix: ergo pool compatibility
  • Recommend miners with p106-90 & 1060 3G to mine ERGO, hashrate will be increased significantly with -mt option.


  • new algo: ergo for mining ERGO coin on Nvidia GPUs.
  • delete algo: bfc cuckarood for Nvidia, octopus for AMD
  • fix: octopus support CFX new address format
  • fix: ‘clBuildProgram error’ issue on Vega for versions 35.0 - 36.1
  • feature: disable AMD iGPU by default, can be enabled back by setting --enable-igpu
  • other: minor bug fix, improve overall stability


  • optimize: octopus Lower power comsumption for 20、30 series Nvidia GPU, improve hashrate 2% on 16 series Nvidia GPU
  • fix: ethash Fix performance degradation under win8 & win8.1 for Nvidia 10 series GPUs.
  • fix: ethash Slightly reduce stale ratio.
  • fix: A random crash bug fix, improve overall stability
  • feature: Add detail datetime & cpu usage in summary log
  • feature: ethash If DAG verification failed, display corresponding GPU name in red in summary.


  • fix: kawpow crash on some GPUs in versions 35.x
  • fix: ethash performance degradation under win7 for Nvidia 10 series GPUs.
  • delete algo: eaglesong, eaglesong_ethash, trb, trb_ethash, hns, hns_ethash, sipc, cuckaroo, cuckaroo_swap
  • feature: smaller binary size


Compared to v35.0

  • optimize: ethash More stable under high OC for Nvidia 16、20、30 series GPUs.
  • optimize: octopus Improve hashrate 1-3% for 16, 20, 30 Nvidia GPUs
  • feature: ethash DAG verification after creation, if miner showed log in red font: Verification failed, invalid 2.0%, please consider lower GPU overclock


  • optimize: ethash More stable under high OC for Nvidia GPUs
  • optimize: octopus Improve hashrate 1-3% for 16, 20, 30 Nvidia GPUs


  • feature: ethash Add statistics for invalid shares, in cmd log, api and web monitor.
  • feature: Turn off limitation for not allowing to run under Virtual Machine.
  • feature: Add statistics for Health information of AMD GPU
  • fix: More detail error information of OpenCL api
  • fix: Reduce CPU usage.


  • optimize: ethash Improve hashrate 1% on certain Nvidia GPUs
  • optimize: octopus Minor improvement on certain 20 & 30 series Nvidia GPUs
  • feature: -mt More effective and compatibility on Geforce Pascal GPUs
  • fix: kawpow progpow_sero Fix crash on certain AMD & Nvidia rigs


  • optimize: octopus Improve hashrate 1-5% on Nvidia 16, 20, 30 series GPUs, 29.2M on 1660s


  • fix: etchash error on swiching epoch, ETC miners should upgrade to this version.
  • fix: support for AMD 20.11.x driver version
  • fix: ethash more stable hashrate under windows


  • fix: ethash Reduce stale share ratio.


  • fix: ethash Fix display hashrate only half of normal hashrate on certain windows rigs.


  • optimize: ethash Improve hashrate on Nvidia 10 series GPUs,3% higher hashrate under same PowerLimit, or same hashrate with 5%-10% lower PowerLimit.


  • feature: octopusAdd support for mining on NiceHash


  • feature: Add an option -no-interrupt, set this option will disable miner interrupting current GPU jobs when a new job coming from pool, will cause less power supply issue, but might lead to a bit higher stale ratio and reject shares.
  • feature: Add effiecieny display in console, showing hashrate per watt for each GPU
  • feature: Add 10min 4h 24h pool hashrate display in web monitor.


  • optimize: octopus improve hashrate: +10% on 16 20 30 series Nvidia GPUs, 27.5M on 1660s.
  • note: octopus From this version, GPUs that has higher core performance than memory performance, need to overclock memory to get higher hashrate, e.g. 2080 3070


  • optimize: octopus improve hashrate: +90% on 16 20 30 series Nvidia GPUs, at least +100% on all other GPUs


  • optimize: octopus improve hashrate: +35% on 16 20 30 series Nvidia GPUs, +20% on all other GPUs
  • new algo: etchash for upcoming ETC upgrade
  • feature: add effective pool hashrate on console & api, 10min 4h 24h.


  • optimize: octopus improve hashrate: Nvidia, +3% on 10 series, +20% on 16, 20, 30 series
  • new algo: octopus for AMD support.
  • fix: crash upon start on certain Nvidia rigs.


  • optimize: octopus improve hashrate: +150% on 10 series, +80% on 16, 20, 30 series
  • fix: --share-check 0 cause high CPU usage
  • fix: Added back Uptime in console summary


  • fix: some format error on console print
  • optimize: octopus lower CPU usage
  • feature: add new option --share-check, if no share found in a set period of time, miner will reboot. default to 30 minutes. SOLO miners should set this option to 0 to turn off check.


  • new algo: octopus for miningconflux,support both solo mining and pool mining, need Nvidia GPU above 6G
  • optimize: ethash improve performance on Vega & Navi GPUs
  • optimize: beamv3 improve performance on high end 10xx Nvidia GPUs
  • feature: modify summary output on console, add share statistics for each GPU.
  • fix: ethash fix zero hashrate on certain cases for AMD GPUs


  • bug fix: Fix AMD device initialization failure on some rigs.


  • new algo: beamv3 for mining BEAM with Nvidia 3GB+ GPUs
  • new algo: cuckatoo32 add support for Nvidia 6GB GPU
  • optimize: ethash for AMD RX 4xx, 5xx, Vega series 8GB+ GPUs
  • feature: ethash support mining up to epoch 800


  • new algo: cuckatoo32 for Grin32 on Nvidia 8G above GPUs
  • kawpow: support for NiceHash’s extranonce.subscribe protocol


  • windows: Auto install driver if --memory-tweak is set and driver is not installed.
  • windows: Fix driver install failed issue on some windows rigs.
  • kawpow: Fix duplicate share issue on some pools.


  • Reduce ethash kawpow startup time.
  • Fix a possible crash on certain rigs of reason invalid kernel image.
  • Do not apply memory tweak if -mt is set to 0 on corresponding gpu.
  • Print system information on start.


  • Add option --memory-tweak , optimize memory timings of Nvidia GD5 & GD5X GPUs. Detail describe can be found in readme.md
  • Add option --verbose, print pool communucation log.
  • Add option --proxy, user can using socks5 proxy to set up connection with pool.
  • Add number of shares per GPU in both log print and api.
  • Minor bug fix and improvements.


  • Fix low hashrate of kawpow on AMD RDNA GPU.
  • Improve kawpow hashrate on AMD GPU.


  • Add support for RVN new algo kawpow mining on Nvidia & AMD gpus.


  • Support HNS & HNS+ETH mining on NiceHash


  • Add support for mining TRB & TRB+ETH on Nvidia GPU
  • Add support for mining ETH on miningrigrentals.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


  • Fix ETH mining on NiceHash
  • Fix NVML initialization failure on certain cases.


  • Improve HNS & HNS+ETH on Nvidia GPU.


  • Fix high ETH reject rate on certain pools when mining HNS+ETH
  • Slightly improve mining HNS+ETH on Nvidia GPU.


  • Fix support the certain AMD Vega GPUs.
  • Fix a potential bug when mining under AMD+Nvidia mixed rig.


  • Add HNS+ETH mining on AMD GPU
  • Improve HNS+ETH performance on Nvidia GPU
  • Note: -di calculation is changed in this version for HNS+ETH.
    • The value of -di = work_size_of_hns / work_size_of_eth
    • E.g, -di 5 on a stock freq 1070ti will get 26M for eth & 130M for hns.


  • Improve HNS performance on AMD GPU


  • Improve HNS performance on Nvidia GPU
  • Add support for HNS mining for AMD GPU


  • Add support for HNS & HNS_ETH mining for NVIDIA GPU
  • Minor bug fix and improvements.


  • Improve CKB+ETH performance on AMD GPU.
  • Fix bug of 26.1: Launch crash on certain AMD rigs.


  • Add support for mining CKB+ETH on AMD GPU.
  • Improve performance for mining CKB on Nvidia GPU.


  • Add support for BFC mininig on Nvidia GPU.
  • Fix CKB compatibility on AMD GPU.
  • Fix cuckcoocycle on nicehash.


  • Fix a bug when mining CKB+ETH.
  • Fix a compatibility issue in CKB stratum protocol.


  • Improve CKB mining performance on both NVIDIA & AMD cards.
  • Improve CKB+ETH performance on NVIDIA cards.
  • Add support for mining SERO on AMD cards.
  • Add a new option --platform to allow users to choose GPU platform.


  • Add support for CKB mining on AMD cards under linux.
  • Bug fix.


  • Add support for CKB mining on AMD cards.


  • Add support for CKB mining & CKB+ETH dual mining.
  • Enhance -di parameter to support comma separated list to specify -di value for each card.
  • The default value of -di for CKB+ETH mining ranges from 4 ~ 8 depending on GPU model, valid value range in [1, 10], higher value means higher intensity for ETH.
  • The best value of -di differs by GPU model, overclock and power limitation.


  • Fix SIPC dxpool compatibility.
  • 1080 & 1080ti users should use OhGodAnETHlargementPill to boost SIPC performance.


  • Add support for mining SIPC.
  • Fix high CPU usage mining SERO with 24.1 & 24.2
  • Fix Grin intensity.


  • Disable the auto-switch from cuckaroo -> cuckarood
  • Slightliy improve RTX2060 Grin29 performance under win10
  • Fix startup stuck issue on some linux distro.
  • Add new option --generate-config to generate a sample config file.
  • Note: Linux sero mining need to set a env before start if run with –no-watchdog, please check start_sero.sh


  • Fix lower hashrate than previous version for Grin29 & AE on 10xx 6GB cards
  • Fix mining Grin29 AE on Turing 6GB Cards on Win10.
  • Fix the disfunction of auto-reboot when GPU error happens.
  • Fix start using json config file.
  • Change the GPU MEM size display upon launch from Total Size to Available Size.


  • Support Grin29 fork on 17th, July.
    • When using algo cuckaroo, v24.0 will do an automatically switch to cuckarood on height 262080.
    • Add a temporary option -grin29-fork-height, user can test the auto-switch by setting this option to lower height value.
  • Improve performance on Grin29 & AE.
  • Add support for mining SERO, algo progpow_sero.
  • Add option -intensity to set the intensity level for each GPU.
  • Add option -fidelity-timeframe to customize the timeframe for fidelity calculation.
  • Add option -log-file to set a specified log filename.
  • Add option -no-nvml to close the periodical query for GPU status.
  • Add new method to turn on NiceHash protocol, nicehash+tcp://
    • Also compatible with previous url based method.
  • Minor improvement and bug fix.


  • Fix mining AE (cuckoocycle) on NiceHash.
  • Add option to set a temperature limit on GPU.


  • Improve Grin & AE & SWAP performance.
  • Add support for mining AE on NiceHash.
  • Add display output of Fidelity.
  • Minor improvement and bug fix.


  • Improve compatiblity for mining Grin31 on windows 8GB cards.
  • Set default --cuckoo-intensity to 4, lower CPU usage on default settings when mining Grin & AE.


  • Add support for mining Swap (XWP).
  • Improve Grin29 & AE performance.
  • Improve Windows compatibility on Grin & AE, significant boost on performance.


  • Improve Grin31 performance.
  • Improve performance of Grin29 & AE on RTX cards.
  • Fix Grin31 compatibility on Win7 with 8G cards.
  • New option to reduce the range of power consumption by multi-gpu rig.
  • Add miner Up Time print in cmd outputs.


  • Fix bug: Occasionlly lower local hashrate than previously version.
  • Do not run GPU if mining pool not connected when mining Grin & AE.


  • Fix bug: "GPU hung detected" happens under some normal conditions.


  • Improve Grin29 performance
  • Add support for mining Grin & AE on Turing cards.
  • Add detection for GPU hung.
  • Increase chance of accept share when mining Grin on NiceHash.
  • Fix ETH mining on NiceHash.
  • Fix “accecpt share checking” bug when using backup mining pools.


  • Add support for AE (Aeternity)
  • Improve performance on Grin29 & Grin31
  • Improve miner stability.


  • Add support for Grin31
  • Add support for mining Grin on NiceHash
  • Add new option to tune CPU usage when mining Grin.
  • Improve BTM+ETH performance on RTX cards.
  • FIx bug of lower hashrate when mining BTM on rigs with mixed 10 series and 20 series cards.
  • Do not add a default worker name if no worker name specified by user.


  • BTM mining, improve over 200% on RTX cards.
  • Improve Grin mining.


  • Add support mining Grin on 1066-win10.
  • Fix support for Solo mining using grin-server.


  • Add support for mining Grin coin (cuckaroo29).
  • Minor bug fix and improvement.


  • Improve hashrate of BTM+ETH dual mining about 6%.


  • Fix a bug that could cause many reject shares when epoch changes under ETH dual mining .


  • Fix high stale share and reject share ratio when use big -di for dual mining BTM+ETH.
  • Fix the support of web monitor for dual mining.
  • Minor bug fixs and improvements.


  • Fix support ETH PPS+ mode on F2pool
  • Add support for ETH on NiceHash (with protocol header ethnh)
  • Fix rest api when dual mining.
  • Minor bug fixs.


  • New BTM+ETH dual mining mode.
  • Decrease the required driver version to 377.
  • Temporarily remove support for XMR mining.
  • Fix start using config file.
  • Add a default protocol header if not specified.


  • Improve BTM hashrate.
  • Add support for ETH and XMR mining.
  • Optimize handle for new job, increase profit on mining pool.
  • Colorful output on console.
  • Add support for backup mining pools.
  • Decrease dev fee of BTM to 2%.


  • Improve hashrate


  • Improve hashrate ~30%
  • Improve stability


  • Improve hashrate 10% - 15%
  • Lower skipped share rate, increase actual hashrate on mining pool.
  • Added display for mining pool latency.
  • Added display for mining pool difficulty.
  • Improve API web monitor.